Brotherhood of Bikers RC of South Carolina


Riding Clubs and Motorcycle Clubs

  1. I have some friends and we would like to join you. How do we go about it?

    Contact us and we will give you all the info.

  2. Can a Riding Club wear just any old name on their back?

    Absolutely not! Especially if the name is already being used or is copyrighted.

  3. What is the difference between a Riding Club and a Motorcycle Club?

    A riding club wears a one piece patch. The club patch and sometimes a small RC patch on the back of vest or jacket.

    A motorcycle club usually wears a 3 piece patch consisting of a top rocker with the club name. A club logo patch in center and usually a bottom rocker to designate location of the chapter of the club.

  4. Can a riding club wear a 3 piece patch?

    NO! 3 piece patches are used in motorcycle clubs only and anyone wearing 3 pices patches that are not approved by the Confederation of Clubs and other local clubs are either very ignorant of motorcycle club protocal or crazy and will quickly get an education!

    A serious act of disrespect to MC's.

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