Brotherhood of Bikers RC of South Carolina

The Rules, By-Laws, Membership, Constitution, Code of Conduct, etc.

We are a R.C. (Riding Club)  NOT an M.C. We claim NO territory, do not PROSPECT or PROBATE and don't have a clubhouse or specific meeting place at this time. We do not have regular meetings or charge dues to be a member. There is a CHAPTER authorization fee for anyone wishing to start a new chapter in their state. See "the logo" page  for info on the Brotherhood of Bikers® trademarked name.

We are a new organization and are learning as we go. We do have officers for the purpose of delegating duties, chores, and organizing rides. We have been talking to and introducing ourselves to any R.C's, Org.'s and M.C's that we've met and explained to them what we're about in hope of riding the same roads in harmony with everyone. We just want to ride and have fun!

  • President:      AsphaltCowboy
  • Vice Pres:  
  • Aministrator: TinyGal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Moderator:    Tiger   
  • Serg at Arms: NdN Joe
  • Road Captain:
  • Tail Gunner:
  • The idea is to belong to a group of like minded people that own motorcycles for the purpose of riding them rather than letting them sit under a tarp. We ride for charity events, to rallys or whatever excuse we can find. Most of us met on BON, put together a few runs and had a great time and made new friends. The idea is to get together, sometimes as strangers with a common interest, then become friends who ride together, then better friends and then more like extended family. Brothers and Sisters. We help each other out when help is needed and no rider is ever left behind. We don't ride from bar to bar for several reasons. The main one is safety for the group. We try to plan our rides through scenic areas and usually end up at a decent place to eat (or whatever we can afford that day) 

All rides aren't always ideal conditions because if we schedule a ride it's a rain or shine event (within reason) but even when the weather isn't all that great you'll probably find yourself saying "hey we had a good time anyway". It's like the saying goes ... "if you don't ride in the rain ... you don't ride." We have NO mandatory runs and realize that people have jobs and other commitments that limits their riding time and we don't expect every member to be present for every ride. 

We hope to grow and have an annual party, pig roast, or other event in the future.  Our goal is to get those scooters out of the garage, from under their tarps and covers and actually ride and enjoy them. We have fun! Doesn't matter what brand you ride or how pretty it is. We are NOT brand specific. There is nothing like "wind therapy" to soothe the soul and to forget about the day to day B.S.

We call ourselves 'Old Skool Bikers' in the sense that we are trying to preserve the tradition by those that have gone before us when riding motorcycles was reason for most people to look down their noses and think of all bikers as trash, bullies, gangsters or worse and had no intention of sharing the road with us. In fact they ignored us and resented the fact that we were "allowed" the use of a full lane in traffic. The old timers broke the ground for us and made it safer for us to enjoy the ride today. They paid the dues that we benefit from. Respect, common courtesy towards everyone, common interests, bikin' freedom and brotherhood is what Old Skool is about.  Not everyone is going to understand our lifestyle. Their loss! We hope to pass on what we've learned to younger riders and learn from them also. This is what we're about.


We wear a large one piece patch on the back of our vests and a small patch on the left front. Patches are not a requirement to join us on a ride or sign up as a limited member on our web site, but to become a full member you will need the patches. That way when we are riding together people know who we are and what we're about and hopefully say "hey those guys are ok". 

Ok now the part most of us aren't crazy about but we've got to have them. RULES and CODE OF CONDUCT. When you wear the patches you represent all of us. Just use common sense. In a group ride don't endanger other riders. If for whatever reason you are incapacitated and don't feel safe to ride ... DON'T! As for the MI chapter if there are complaints about either your behavior or that you are not riding safely the matter will be brought up at an officers meeting and discussed. We're still working on the voting procedure but ultimately it will be the President's decision of what action will be taken. This much is a given: if you are asked to leave the group for whatever reason you will be asked to turn in your RC& mich & officer. patch. AND STOP WEARING ALL OTHERS THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE CLUB This way others will not be able to associate you or your actions to the state, chapter or our group.

For patch prices, placement on your vest or any other questions:

Contact Asphaltcowboy

More Rules

Bikers are an independent breed and the fewer rules the better but we have a couple for safety's sake and to help the concept of "Brotherhood" grow.  If you don't first give respect ... you will not get respect. We show everyone respect until given reason not to.

When riding together...we ride in a staggered formation. The lead bike is always in the left track, the next bike is staggered back and in the right track, third bike left track etc. Riding handlebar to handlebar, side by side looks cool but if one person needs room to avoid a road hazard, if you're riding staggered he has room instead of of bumping the bike next to him and possibly wiping out half the pack and lots of riders getting hurt. A nice tight staggered group looks good and "cagers" are more likely to show respect and less likely to try to cut into the group and cause issues. This is how we would like it to be all the time but ........ it's not always going to happen so just use good judgment.  Some 'cagers' are absolute dipsticks and use their cages as weapons. Always ride defensively!                                   

  • ALWAYS ride according to your ability. Never push yourself to stay nice and tight if you're not comfortable with it. Don't put yourself or another rider in harms way just to look cool. If you're not sure or have questions just ask someone in the group. No shame in asking questions especially ones that will make everyone safer.
  • Read the Motorcycle Hand Signals page and the comments and tips there. Everything you need to know about riding safely in a group is there.
  • We have worked real hard to represent Brotherhood of Bikers in a good light. Remember when you wear the patches you represent us all.  If you want to go into a biker bar where other groups and clubs hang out and give "attitude" and start trouble .... leave your patches at home! We claim no territory, have nothing to prove to anyone and are not an MC. There might be times when you may have to stand up for what we believe in, but choose your battles wisely. The last thing we want is a bad rep with other organizations and clubs. If you are asked to pull over or are confronted by an M.C. or other group and are asked about your patches and why you're wearing them just be courteous, respectful and explain who and what we are about. We are going to try to get some business cards or courtesy cards to exchange with other groups with our contact info on them. Offer your help or wrenches and hospitality when other clubs are in your area. That makes a good impression. Don't call another club's member "brother" unless they use the term first. Some clubs will let you know in a hurry that anyone that isn't a member of "their" club is NOT a "brother" and might offend someone.  Nobody is asking you to take crap from anyone or not stand up for yourself if need be but don't go looking for trouble either.             
  • Any questions, comments or suggestions contact the President  Asphaltcowboy